well, first thing first I would like to say sorry to who those several times giving comments asking why I am not updating this blog for days….. It is due to my exams and my thesis so I can’t focus to think about writing in this blog. As usual, since there is no interesting update from oppa, so I would like to share interesting videos which I found in youtube…. the videos are coming from the accoustic live of oppa which was held in Tokyo last 2008…. Listening his songs on that concert when raining makes me feel so relaxed since his voice is so soft and sexy…. so here are the videos (anyway, sorry the part 5 is missing since the uploader doesn’t upload it, I don’t exactly what happen but I hope you still can enjoy his performance singing his songs)….


5 thoughts on “LEE JI HOON LIVE ACCOUSTIC 2008

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