Lee Ji Hoon’s “New Song”

perhaps, many of you have heard that Ji Hoon oppa have just released a new song for Operation Proposal OST… but anyway I hope my post will still help you to download and listen his brand new song after such long time not hearing him singing on stage….

so if you wanna download the song free just open the links below….

The Original Link

The Direct Link

And if you wanna know anythings related to operation proposal

just click here




2 thoughts on “Lee Ji Hoon’s “New Song”

  1. galuh says:

    iaraanderson, please share his albums
    I only have his first album and it’s difficult to find the link to download free all of his album since megaupload is dead
    please help me
    and thanks for sharing this song, I’ve just heard about this, very happy hearing his voice singing new song although it’s just for the ost
    sorry give you long comment
    once again I hope you can help me and keep up the good work
    your blog is really helpful for me since I don’t have twitter to stalking him in twitter
    the last is that I hope I can meet you in person since you are Indonesian and we can chat about him.. It will be interesting since I think you are wonderful fan of oppa who dedicate your time and energy to make a special blog for him
    once again thanks a lot iaraanderson

    • first,thanks a lot for your comment
      I’ll try to upload it…. just wait for it…. but sorry i can’t do that this time since many things I have to do…
      me too, I am also happy hearing his voice again
      It will be nice if we can have long chat about him…..

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