since today is the first performance of Lovers in Paris musical so no wonder if today he is tweeting about his performance in Lovers in Paris today….. so I tried to translate it….

@leejeehoon79디큐브 오늘은 객석에서 파리의연인을 즐기겠습니다 모든배우들..스텝들..모두 안다치고 화이팅 해여!!!^^

@leejeehoon79 D Cube today at the auditorium of the Lovers in Paris going to enjoy every step of the actors … all I know .. I try to hit fighting! ^ ^

@leejeehoon79 부족했지만 아쉬웠지만.. 이제부턴 우리의몫이다..더 더 더 집중하고 무대위에 모든배우들과 음악에 집중하자.. 이대로 꺼지지않게..파리의연인 화이팅 오늘첫공 모두모두 수고하셨습니다

@leejeehoon79 Ah, but the lack of easy, but … From now on, is our share… more, more, more focus and concentrate on all the actors and the music’s good. Lovers in Paris Not to be turned off .. All in all, fighting trouble today, logged the first 0


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