I still feel shocked until now after reading the article posted in allkpop. Yeah, it’s about the past story of Lee Ji Hoon oppa and his best friend Kangta oppa. Just like the title of the post Kangta has ever stopped talking with Ji Hoon oppa because of Ji Hoon oppa’s girlfriend. But thanks God, it’s just a misunderstanding between them.  Wanna know the full story… just read the article below which I copied from allkpop

During the shoot for the May 31st episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, Kangta stated, “Lee Ji Hoon was suspicious of my relationship with his girlfriend, and we stopped talking for a while.”

According to Kangta, Lee Ji Hoon had decided to quit drinking, and would leave early during get-togethers with Lee Ji Hoon’s girlfriend and his mutual friends. Each time, Lee Ji Hoon trusted his best friend Kangta to take his girlfriend home safely.

Lee Ji Hoon explained, “One day, no matter how many times I called my girlfriend, I could not get a hold of her. I felt uneasy, and what made it worse was that I could not get a hold of Kangta either.

He continued, “I went to see her at her house, and I could still smell Kangta’s cologne in the stairway to the entrance. My suspicions grew to the point I was almost convinced.”

Kangta added, “Lee Ji Hoon’s girlfriend was very intoxicated, and so I took her all the way home. There were many things that lead to a situation in which Lee Ji Hoon could not help but become suspicious.”

The best friends admitted that the misunderstanding was hard on their relationship, and that they stopped communicating for a few months.

Source & Image: MyDaily

And I hope there will be someone who upload the engsub videos of the variety show….


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