awww.. almost missed the yesterday’s tweet of Ji Hoon oppa…. but fortunately I am not missing it… for me this tweet is fun since he told about his vacation time, I guess plus he uses the tweet pic on 06/07/2012 as his current avatar.. so here the rough trans

http://twitpic.com/9tn5ko 해운대 일주일전인데..벌써 또가고싶네여.. 지금은 사람들 진짜많겠다.. 저날은 진짜 추워서..덜덜 떨면서 탔는데도 좋았는데^^ 이제 여름이다여름..모든 고민 훌훌털고.. 재미진 추억들 마니만…

Haeundae is a week ago … We already have another .. I WOULD HAVE Now many people will really … That day really was good even though I took a cold, trembling vibrating .. ^ ^
Summer … all the worry now is summer somewhere clean. Do your fun memories Jean Bay.


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