As I posted before, Ji-Hoon oppa along with Thailand pop-star Mike DeAngelo and Girl Band S The One held a showcase and mini concert in Thailand for five days if I’m not mistaken. And thanks God after googling for a while, I found a news about Ji-Hoon oppa who was being interviewed during the showcase. So let’s check the article below

Event was held on July 19, 2555 at the Office of The Road Home. Under the title “1st Thailand Showcase & Mini Concert.” By Ji-hyun said at a Thai greeting of “Hi, my name is Ji-hoon. I miss you after a while not come here. First of all, thanks for inviting me to invite me to Thailand in this. When I was in Korea, I never felt that Thai people will welcome me with this. I absolutely love it. But then I came to Thailand this time, everyone greeted me very well. I was very excited “.

Actor talks about his work. “I love the last one just to end it. But now I’m filming my movie. But this month I will be in the musical. May be too early for it, but I will tell you beforehand it. I was preparing the Musical. Then in October I will have the World Tour. About 14 countries around the world to me, I was prepared to provide good performance with Japan fans because everyone wants to watch me “.

Ji-hyun mentioned about his new song. “It is now time for my album, I was not prepared it yet but I already prepared it since last year. It may be because I’m little bit too busy. I want the fans to wait a little while I expected to be completed later this year on Thai fans will enjoy it and have a chance to listen to my music in the end of this year “.

Ji-hyun told an acquaintance with the Mike, “since 2006, I met Mike in Japan. The years 2007 and 2008, Mike came to work with South Korea. The relationship was the same. After Mike had invited me to this event. During the preparation of this, Mike went to Korea. Go back with me. I saw Mike and I have a feeling that I see myself as a child. I do not think anyone would believe it or not. I just do not age about 10 years seem to get it right (laughs) I have a feeling that Mike was very diligent. With the intention of the artist, the best Thai fans to not worked since my children. I worked since I have some similar. I saw Mike he was very talented. I think he will succeed in Thailand.”

Along with Mike’s a very honest with everyone. “What is most impressive is that he was very sincere. I was asked to help. He was everything to support me. Many famous people come to this level it would be arrogant. Not true. But not everyone is honest about it “.

source: http://www.siamzone.com/music/news/?id=5978

Translated by: GT and Iara


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