[NEWS] Press conference “performance artist Hallyu” Lee Ji Hoon in Japan

Singer Lee Ji Hoon, over two months, the 14 cities in Japan, starting October 7, coming in Shizuoka Korean actor “Lee Ji Hoon Korean performance artist” will be held (sponsored by Han production)! Performance in three parts, part 1: a mini-concert, part 2: the mini-musical, part three: time, such as lottery and fan, fan meeting was held in a format never before. Starting with the performances on October 7, Shizuoka, Osaka show until November 18, two days every weekend, held a performance of a total of 14 times. In addition, to December 2 November 30 are also plans to tour and spend three days and two nights on the spot shooting Korea Lee Ji Hoon is famous for.

But I think around the place 14 nationwide in two places each and every week is tough, What do you think?

I think the burden is speaking to two days on the weekend performances, it is so happy to meet fans in Japan by this performance, it is about bearable. And I think about when you are happy there is no burden singing on the stage. Rather than thinking about the burden a concert of this time though for me it is also expected, because the figure shown a long time to sing to the fans, but very excited.

Thinking about the activity in Japan?

I am preparing to start the performance of this time, to be able to work out a single in Japan in about March next year. I think this concert is just the start, and will be a good opportunity to inform the activities in Japan. I was interested in music activity in Japan from the front. South Korea is a lot of people remember me as an actor, in Japan the fans were waiting for me as a singer even though the Korean drama was broadcast a lot. Because I think my favorite is his singing, and I wanted out of the CD. I was slower schedule overlap, in the wake of this concert, and can be more good news.


What kind of music you want to show to fans in the performances?

Now the dance music of K-POP Korea and worldwide is very popular, so I have been doing ballad music from dance music, according to the concept was there. I think one part the music about love like in the drama and the second part is the OST. The fans came when the Japanese have a musical in Korea, will show along with the acting carefully selected only really good song.

How about the Schedule of activities as a unit “Group S” Shin Hye Sung, Kangta?

I think there is no official story, me and singer Shin Hye Sung is a loving friend, and want to do together. Always “Next year I tried to (a song)”, but have talked with, it is difficult too busy with each other. I think now, the promise is not possible, and hopefully together someday.s

SOURCE http://hot-korea.com/kpop/report.php?id=20120706

translated by GT and Iara


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