Lee Ji Hoon who is a singer and actor will hold “Lee Ji Hoon Korean Performance Artist” over a month in the 14 cities in Japan starting on October 7 in Shizuoka. On July 11 The Actor (sponsored by Han production) was carried a press conference about the performance.

The “Lee Ji Hoon Korean performance artist” concert is a three-part, has become a luxury event of the program “Mini Concert” Part 1, “mini-musical” Part 2, called “fan time” in third part.

At a press conference was held on July 11, Lee Ji Hoon feels anxiety because of the large number of performances. He said “that the performance in 14 cities in Japan little bit difficult, but since the fans did not see me singing until now, so it becomes the source of our joy. I’m a singer so, that the singing on stage is my happiness,” “Please expect. be really happy”

I will wear highlight of the concert, “in Japan is as popular idol music, I, also want to deliver a song as a singer. When I appeared in the musical feeling and connection between people, I want to convey the music can become a feeling pure. In Korea, many fans coming from Japan traveling to Korea just want to see me so I want to convey a feeling of gratitude to the fans.”

In this performance, Lee Ji Hoon, plans to produce a stage in the whole body can feel a sense of satisfaction and excitement that does not maximize the representation of high art he has, fans have ever tasted.

source: http://k-fan.me/news/detail.php?article_id=2708&page=1

translated by GT and Iara




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