yay… finally Lee Ji Hoon oppa will back again on small screen after My Daughter’s Flower. Yeap… as you can see on the picture next september Ji-Hoon oppa will start his appearance in new drama…..

Along with Seo Woo, Park Jin Woo, and Kim Yoon Seo, Ji-Hoon has been chosen for the line-up of the drama ‘Glass Mask.’

‘Glass Mask’ will be replacing the drama ‘Yellow Boots.’ The drama ‘Glass Mask’ is about the survival and revenge of a girl who was born a daughter of a killer and therefore had lived a merciless life. Shin Seung Woo, the director of ‘Yellow Boots,’ and Choi Young In, the writer of ‘Yellow Boots,’ are working together once again to make another hit.

Seo Woo will be playing the role of Kang Yi Kyung, a girl who’s fate will not allow her to life a normal and happy life. Also, Kim Yoon Seo, who had a short role in ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ as Jang Dong Gun’s girlfriend, will be playing the role of Seo Woo’s twin sister.

Although the strong female cast has been attracting much attention, the male cast Lee Ji Hoon and Park Jin Woo have been attracting much interest as well.

Singer turned actor Lee Ji Hoon will be playing the role of an elite lawyer Kim Sun Jae.

On the other hand, the first episode of ‘Glass Mask’ will be airing the the 3rd of September.


SOURCE: http://en.koreaportal.com/articles/4963/20120803/seo-woo-lee-ji-joon-cast-drama-glass-mask.htm

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