it’s so happy knowing Ji-Hoon oppa “diligently” tweeting lately…. and so here is the rough trans….

twitpic.com/axvnog  일교차가 심하군여.. 감기조심하세여..코가찡찡한게 불안하네ㅜㅜ 이번주에 추석연휴 시작이라서 다들 계획세우고있겠다 샌드위치데이 잘 활용하구..올 추석은 다투는일없이 가족들과 친구들과 친지들과 재

twitpic.com/axvnog Temperature is losing over ..Please be careful not to catch a cold …I’m anxious with the frown frown nose ㅜ ㅜEveryone planning and building will start the Thanksgiving holiday this week, so make good use of the estuary Sandwich Day …Strife come Thanksgiving with family and with friends and relatives without delay




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