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Kya!!! It’s really happy knowing that Ji-Hoon oppa will join the upcoming KBS new drama entitled ‘You’re The Best, Yi Soon Shin’ along with IU and Jo Jeong-Seok.

First broadcast March 9 KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘You’re The Best, Yi Soon actor Lee Ji Hoon was casted as best friend Shin Jun – Ho (Jo Jeong-Seok) and a strong guardian angel of Admiral Yi (IU minutes) named Kim Young-hoon.

‘You’re The Best, Yi Soon’s unforeseen fate tangled up in the swirl on the occasion of the death of the father, the mother and the youngest daughter’s happiness and her love story centered on the picture for the reconciliation of family and the true self, and true happiness draw the works.

Role of Lee Ji Hoon is as Yi Soon-Shin’s a coffee shop manager and also Shin Jun – Ho’s best friend and college seniors named Kim Young-hun, who are always encouraging Yi shoon-shin when facing difficulty. It can be said that Ji-Hoon’s Kim Young-hun is the faithful guardian angel of Yi shoon-shin

Lee Ji-hoon has commented on his character “he may seem shy and courteous, he has a way of throwing silly but sharp jokes with a blade of truth in it”.

A representative of the drama’s producers have commented “Kim Young-hoon is a man of calm and soft charisma, and we had to think of the actor for a long time to find a right actor for the role. We feared that it may not work since Lee Ji-hoon was on another production already, but we are thankful of the actor for accepting our invitation so easily. We now have a great lineup for the drama”.

source news http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lee-Jee-Hoon/145943442135220



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