lee the track2

Well, it’s actually an old interview of Ji-Hoon when appearing in the MBC Music the Track last month. MBC Music The Track itself is an weekly talk show which invites top celebrities, featuring their life’s stories and memories relating to their favorite music hosted by Lee So Yeon

In that show Ji-Hoon oppa revealed a story about his first love which is closely related to the song by Cool entitled “Memories.” For him, that 2002 song is clearly illustrating his feeling at that time. The time when he finally decided to break up with his first love. Even, everytime he listen to that song, he really cried a lot. He said that the lyrics of the song is really well painted his broken feeling that time. He really want to call his first love but his heart and mind is stonewalling.

Personally, I do really speechless knowing this story. Really wanna hug him and wipe his tears at that time since it must be hard for him losing his first love *sobs* But I hope he will find the best love for him ^__^

anyway, If you understand Korean and wanna watch the full show of him just check here

credit Newsway and MBC Music The TrackĀ  and Hui Agnes in YT






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