Kya!!!! Can’t stop jumping with full of happiness knowing Ji-Hoon just tweet couple minutes ago… So just check the rough trans… sorry for bad rough trans this time since I’m not Korean and still in the basic level of learning Korean. Besides, it’s kinda long one so it’s really difficult for me to make the good rough trans..  but you still enjoy it ^__^ Please bear with my bad rough trans ^^

lee new 14


드디어 100회가 넘은 유리가면! 100회도 뜻깊은데 더 뜻깊은 사실! 유리가면이 100번이나 시청률 동시간대 1위를 했다고 해요! 100회 유리가면의 100번 일등 축하해주세요! pic.twitter.com/56U2SB6Mcr

Finally 100th episode of Glass Mask is over! Meaningful 100th episode, in fact more significant episode! Glass Mask 100th, ratings in the same period, I’m still #1! Glass Mask 100th, 100th reigning celebration! pic.twitter.com/56U2SB6Mcr


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