As we already informed that starting 9 march (if not mistaken) Ji-Hoon will act in new KBS drama entitled “THe Best Yi Soon Shin” and yesterday on Match 4 2013, The Best Yi Soon Shin held Press Conference with all of the main cast and of course Ji-Hoon oppa attended the Press Conference… So here are the media photos taken during yesterday’s press conference

lee prescon12


lee prescon13 lee prescon14

lee prescon15 lee prescon16 lee prescon17 lee prescon18 lee prescon19 lee prescon21 lee prescon22 lee prescon23 lee prescon28 lee prescon29 lee prescon32 lee prescon33 lee prescon38 lee prescon39 lee prescon41 lee prescon42 lee prescon46 lee prescon47 lee prescon50 lee prescon12 lee prescon11 lee prescon10 lee prescon9 lee prescon2 lee prescon1 lee prescon8 lee prescon7 lee prescon6 lee prescon5 lee prescon4 lee prescon3

credits go to all the rightful owner as tagged on the pics




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