I hope you remember that last time, I already posted about the upcoming movie release date of Lee Ji-Hoon oppa entitled ‘Good Friends’ but without any further information about the story of the movie. So in this post I’ll give you the info about the movie.

lee new 15

First this movie will be released on march 28. The actors representing this movie are Yoen Jeong Hoon, Lee Ji-Hoon, Choi Jung anf Kitamura Kazuki.  The story of the movie is based on true story of the Japanese yakuza gunfire. It is about the joys and sorrows of life portrayal of friendship and  betrayal.

Based on a true story about shooting the Japanese Yakuza Yeon Jeong Hoon, Lee Ji Hoon, Choi Jung starred in the movie ‘good friends’ long pain but relief at the end.

Movie ‘good friends’ is realized by combining the local Korean Japanese youth, betrayal, friendship, and the joys and sorrows of noir action genre film. It’s about doing revenge to Japanese Yakuza for friend.

The atmosphere of an authentic action is expected to showcase a realistic action and is made of local Albany location in Japan resembling the real story director and the actors’ deep smoke adds handed down one floor to make more realistic expectations.

Long screen comeback actor Yeon Jeong Hoon and Lee Ji Hoon, and the Japanese representative actor of Kazuki Kitamura fantastic smoke breathing by far the biggest opening of this concern. Korean youth and the Yakuza in fro between thrilling and full action to do this movie for the audience is expected to captivate.

source news: ebuzz rough translated by iaraanderson/forleejeehoon79

source pic: as tagged


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