Okay, it’s the first time for me to update the HiThere of Lee Ji Hoon… not sure what Hi There is… but since It’s quite interesting Ji-Hoon oppa’s selca, I decided to give the rough trans… sorry for the bad rough trans since it’s too long for me so perhaps it’s not really accurate but you hope enjoy reading it

lee new 18 lee new 19 lee new 20

최고다 이순신
촬영중 기다리기 심심할땐ㅋㅋ셀카놀이
그래도 늘 아침마다 모닝커피를 한잔씩할수있는 여 유가있어
기다리는 시간도 지루하지않다는..
시청률이 대폭상승했네여..기분좋은 출발..
같이하는 모든배우들이 열연해주어 재밌게보고있 다는..
앞으로 더더욱 기대해주시고..
꽃샘추위가 온듯하네여 옷 따뜻하게 입고다니세여..
감기걸림 나만 고생이니깐?
3월의 중턱에 봄을 기다리듯 설렘가득한 일만 가득 하길:)♥

Best Yi
Taken out when bored waiting lol Self Camera Play
Though in the morning every morning coffee squeeze a drink in you can afford to
Waiting time is not boring …
ratings rise dramatically .. feel like a good start ..
As to all the actors for roles given fun watching ..
Please look forward to more updates in the near future,
Than wearing warm clothes since frost seemed to come ..
Cold jam my equals suffering?
Full of excitement seemed to wait for the spring in the middle of March, filled with a lot of love too 🙂 ♥

source: blog naver translated by iaraanderson/forleejeehoon79


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