Hope, you do not forget that this 28th, Good Friends movie will be released on Korea. Over and Over again, I’m saying that Ji-Hoon takes part in this movie. And after giving you short info about the movie, the poster of the movie, and the trailer of movie, in this post I’ll give the ost of the movie.

This movie choose Seung Jin who considers as the rival of pretty boy singer of the city of clown – Bakh Ye Seong delivering ‘For You’ as the background music. ‘For You’ composed of Jo Sung Mo’s ‘To Heaven’, Kim Jung Min ‘The Covenant of Sad Expression’ ‘, The Barefooted Young – Buck, best compositions virtual Kyung Ho ‘The People that Sadden Me’ who won hit after another, Kyung – Sub Producer take the role in the ost become a hot topic.

Combination gives the 1998 Jo Sung Mo and Producer, Kyung – Sub ‘To heaven’ made good this spot grabbing the biggest hits at the time of the sale of the album to be released after more than record number of millionaires, have dominated the pop music scene in the ’90s hit song maker. ‘Good Friends’ music video  once again proved the strength.

Previously disclosed the highlights of the film with a lyrical melody ‘For You’ as constructed together in exquisite harmony in the film not to be missed in melodious and calming music, ‘Good Friends’ the music video trailer and other special sensibility of the spectacle is expected to bring.In particular, the sorrowful melody in the ‘Wait you, forever for you’ part and the beautiful lyrics, forming an ensemble with, plus smoke emotional breathing  of the three protagonists  will satisfy the eyes and ears of those who are watching the music video at the same time.

Sources : newswire for the news translated by iaraanderson/forleejeehoon79

                    LJHAbai in YT for the MV Seung Jin – For You


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