So, Here is another update about the upcoming release movie of Ji-Hoon oppa entitled ‘Good Friends.’ So Yesterday on March 21, Ji-Hoon oppa along with Yeon Jeong Hoon, Choi Jung,  Kim Young-hoon attended the premiere of the movie media distribution. So, here is the media photos during the premiere… enjoy

During the premiere, Ji-Hoon oppa little bit brag about the movie. He said that this movie was actually made 8 years ago, on 2005 to be precised and it means needing 7 years to be released, so he thinks that the movie is already breaking the Guinness book record as the longest production of the movie and this movie can be called movie of the movie since it is edited for 50 times before releasing this year. Ji-Hoon oppa also said this movie will be look different and bringing vary attention….

1_(1) 1_(2) 1_(4) 1_(5) 1_(7) 1_(8) 1_(11) 1_(12) 1_(14) 1_(16) 1_(17) 1_(18) 1_(19) 1_(20) 1_(21) 1_(22) 1_(23) 1_(25) 1_(26) 1_(27)

2_(1) 2_(2) 2_(4) 2_(5) 2_(8) 2_(9) 2_(12) 2_(13) 2_(14) 2_(15) 2_(17) 2_(18) 2_(19) 20130321182220_514ad14c3e759_1 a506279e5ba3545148cb7c304eebcd034_(1) 4_(2) 4_(3) 4_(4) 5_(1) 5_(4) 5_(6) 5_(7) 5_(8) 5_(9) 5_(15)

credit photos as tagged via blog naver  

news via inews24 translated by iaraanderson/forleejeehoon79


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