lee kembar

since I’ve got bored last night, I decided to searching news about lovely Ji-Hoon oppa and I found this one… I guess it’s quite interesting…

So the article said that Ji-Hoon oppa ever uploaded this pic on twitter but I’m not sure about that.. anyway, that’s not important… the important thing is that the Man beside Ji-Hoon oppa also named Lee Ji-Hoon (totally the same name in hangul). But the difference is their age… The other Ji-Hoon is 88 liner so he is still 26 years old for Korean ages.

How do they meet finally? They meet in the KBS Drama entitled ‘The Best Lee Soon Shin.’ Ji-Hoon oppa playing a role name Kim Young-Hoon while young Ji-Hoon  playing a role name Jo In-Sung.

Anyway, Just wondering how confuse the director, drama staffs, and other artists calling them when on the location…. LOL….

credit fnnews for the pics


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