As Ji-Hoon oppa fans, hope you don’t forget that today on March 27 2013 KST is Ji-Hoon oppa’s birthday.. and Yeah it’s something special for me as Ji-Hoon oppa lover knowing that today he tweeted something in his special day… so here is the rough trans of Ji-Hoon oppa’s special tweet on his birthday this year

lee new 21


생일 축하해주셔서 감사합니다.. 지금까지 건강으로지켜주신주님 감사드립니다 죽을때까지 찬양하며 기쁨으로 살게하소서 pic.twitter.com/0oY6YskQIb

Thank you for your birthday celebration…Thank Until now, the Lord who will be watched and let me live by health, joy and praise until the death


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