First sorry for the late update… and sorry for the incorrect translation for this one…. As you know yesterday is the parents day in Korea so in his cyworld, Ji-Hoon oppa says something about parents day… so enjoy for my imperfect translation ^___^

lee cyworld 8

촬영때문에 이제야 올리네요..
페이스북을 통해 우연히 보게 되었는데 참 뭉클하네요..
사랑하는 부모님이 옆에 계신 것에 대해 감사하며..
쑥스럽더라도 용기내어 사랑한다고 마음을 전하는 건 어떠세요?

It’s because now I’m shooting up

Indeed I ran across through Facebook and twinges I’m

and thank you for the loving parents

Although it is going to take courage, love wormwood that conveys the heart of, how about you?

Translation for the pic


Love you


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