lee twitter 05

오늘도 수고하셨습니다..
공연끝나고 물론 사진도 찍어드리고싶고
싸인도해드리고싶지만 못해드리고 가는..상황
이해해주 시 길바라여..엘리 싸인회가있지않으까 여?
그때 꼭 마 니 해드리겠습니다..약속:)
오늘목상태가영안좋아슬픈 pic.twitter.com/IAHeVAj86t

Today, Thank You…

At the end of the show, of course would like taking picture

Would like to have autograph session but can’t.. situation

Over time, I hope  you can understand… Eli autograph session do not have yet???

Then I’ll just do better…. Promise 🙂

Not like today having neck problem pic.twitter.com/IAHeVAj86t


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