lee twitter 08

오늘은 이지은과 루케니로ㅋ pic.twitter.com/34PVwXMidq

Today, with Ji Eun Lee and Lucheni *laugh* pic.twitter.com/34PVwXMidq

lee twitter 09

물론 울 카마엘분들이 주신 선물도 너무귀하고
감사해여..잘먹고 잘입고..잘쓰고*^^*
이것은 꿀이네여..쎈스있는 순시니*^^* * pic.twitter.com/DS56vdL3af

Of course, for those who give the gift and precious items

Thank You… Eating and Dress Well.. For better performance*^^*

This is pure honey… It’s in the center of the gifts *^^* * pic.twitter.com/DS56vdL3af




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