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집에와서 분장도 못지우고 잠깐잠들었다
깼네여..귀신같이 나온사진
분장하곤 웃는것보다 엽표가 더많군여ㅋ
이제 진짜 3일3회 남았군여 ..
아쉼이 참 많이남는 엘리자벳
3회는 더더욱 아쉬움없이 달려봅니다ㅠ

come home and fell asleep momentarily to clear mind
open the phone.. Pictures came out like ghosts
Used to dress up like this more than smiling over crowd *chuckle*
Now the real 3 days left .
Oh, much remains true pause Elizabeth
Three times to see the even more up without regret ㅠ


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