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[헤세와 그림들] 타이틀곡 녹음 현장

주말 [헤세와 그림들展 : 나에게로 떠나는 여행] 타이틀곡행복해 진다는 녹음이 있었습니다. 타이틀곡은 가수 이지훈씨가, 시는 가수 정원관씨가 수고해주셨어요~ 헤세전 감상을 완성시켜줄 멋진 목소리, 5 2일부터 현장에서 확인하세요!

기간 : 2015.5.2() ~ 11.1()
장소 : 용산 전쟁기념관

#헤르만헤세 #헤세와그림들전 #나에게로떠나는여행 #용산전쟁기념관 #5월전시 #컨버전스아트 #모션그래픽 #미디어아트 #본다빈치 #이지훈 #정원관

[hesse and the drawing] is the title of the recording

Last Weekend [hesse and the drawing : Travel To Me] the title track ‘being happy’ then this was during the recording for the title track of Singer Lee Jee Hoon, when the singer give the effort to Jeong Wong Wan, it’s completed the beautiful appreciation of Hesse astute, Start May 2 2015, check the venue!

Time: Sat, 05.02.2015 – 11.1 (days)
Location: Yongsan War Memorial

#Hermann Hesse # Hesse and paintings exhibition # Leaving or traveling to me # Yongsan War Memorial # May Exhibition#Convergence Art # Motion Graphics # Media Art # The Da Vinci
# Lee Ji Hoon # Jeongwongwan



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