최고인 임철형연출님의 뮤지컬공연 ‘벽을 뚫는 남자’ ( 대학로홍익대아트센터 )

이지훈 배우의 공연을 보러가기전엔 이제 설렘과 기대감이 넘친다~
역시나 감동의 무대를 보여준 지훈 최고!!
역할과 연기의 폭이 확장된 모습을 보니 또한번 놀라움과 기쁨으로 엄지척!!^^ 배우들 모두 기가막힌 연기 정말 감사히 잘 봤습니다~~ 올만에 배우들과의 뒷자리 좋은 얘기들 행복한시간^^ #뮤지컬
#임철형연출 #이지훈 #고창석 #임철형 #배다혜 #김혜진 #한정원과함께 #김동현과함께 #배우들의대화 #열연

The work of Best Director Lim Cheong Hyung Musical “The Passer Walked Through Wall” (Hongik University Art Center Theater)


Lee Ji-Hoon’s going to show the actors conjure now, Tingle and plenty of expectations ~
Of course the impressive stage shows, JI Hun is the best!!
The width of this extended look at roles and acting at the stage also surprise and delight as thumb up!! Great acting and really appreciated all of the actors are ^^ well I’ve only come up in the backstage with the actors  ~ ~ good guys happy hour ^ ^ # musical

#The Passer Walked Through Wall

#Hongik University Art center Theater

#Until 14th February

# Imcheolhyeong director
# Lee Ji Hoon
# Ko Chang-seok
# Im cheol hyeong
# Bae Da Hae
# Kim Hye-jin
# Together with han jeong won
# Along with Kim Dong – Hyun
# Dialogue of the actors
# Hot-rolled
# Really I want to see another show

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