only for Lee Jee Hoon

Kim Tae Pong, that’s the first time I knew his handsome face for the first time. And because I can’t get Lee Ji Hoon Oppa out of my mind and heart, I watched the whole episodes of You Are My Destiny and of course watching every single scenes of Kim Tae Pong (though I can’t memorize the detail of those scenes since I just focused on him not the story anyway…).

Since then, after knowing Kim Tae Pong is Lee Ji-Hoon Oppa, I tried to search every single information related to him especially his biography and discography. And guess what??!!! Knowing his birthday date, I felt like getting heart attack and hard to breath (hyperbole, isn’t it?). why? It’s because he was born on 1979…. I can’t still accept that fact since he is 79 liners guy but looked much younger than that.

The next thing I did after knowing about his career past and present is hunting his K-Drama series, movies and his albums. For the record, I felt like the most stupid person in the world after reading an article that in 2005 he has ever appeared in K-Drama series entitled “Wonderful Life” along with Eugene and Kim Jae Won. The reason I feel like that is because I watched that K-Drama but I can’t recognize his charming aura.

I also regret one thing when knowing that he has ever coming to my lovely country, Indonesia and performing his skill in singing. The fact about that he is a singer and have so many albums also makes me little bit shock. Anyway, since I can’t give the objective opinion about his singing skill so if you wanna know just download his albums and listen to it. One thing for sure, the voice of him when singing is similar as the way he talks. For me, he has sexy voice.

About my collections related to him, I only have Wonderful Life, Hello Miss, Wet Dream 2, Rhythm and Paradise album, and Star Golden Bell with Lee Ji-Hoon.

So that’s all the intro from me to present my brand new blog for sharing info about Lee Ji-Hoon


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