Lee Ji Hoon who is a singer and actor will hold “Lee Ji Hoon Korean Performance Artist” over a month in the 14 cities in Japan starting on October 7 in Shizuoka. On July 11 The Actor (sponsored by Han production) was carried a press conference about the performance.

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[NEWS] Press conference “performance artist Hallyu” Lee Ji Hoon in Japan

Singer Lee Ji Hoon, over two months, the 14 cities in Japan, starting October 7, coming in Shizuoka Korean actor “Lee Ji Hoon Korean performance artist” will be held (sponsored by Han production)! Performance in three parts, part 1: a mini-concert, part 2: the mini-musical, part three: time, such as lottery and fan, fan meeting was held in a format never before. Starting with the performances on October 7, Shizuoka, Osaka show until November 18, two days every weekend, held a performance of a total of 14 times. In addition, to December 2 November 30 are also plans to tour and spend three days and two nights on the spot shooting Korea Lee Ji Hoon is famous for.

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